The Viva Y33s Features


The all new VIVO Y33S is capable of producing the same high quality sound system as the original VIVO YETTA. However, the new version boasts of additional features that have made the product one of the most sought after audio systems in India. These devices are extremely popular with the music conscious consumers due to their ability to reproduce clear and excellent sound quality without compromising on volume. This article will highlight some of the main unique features of this revolutionary product: vivo y33s

The internal memory of the video y 33s is upgraded with the addition of a USB stick. This allows you to transfer all your favorite music directly from your device to a computer or a laptop. A memory expandable up to 2GB is also present in the device. This USB storage is a great option for storing the huge collection of songs, videos and photographs that you want to keep for a long time.

– The VIVO Y33s comes with two RCA cables instead of the conventional RCA cables. The reason behind this is that the latter tend to give a much fatter sound than the former. The virtual rCA cables are made of high quality material and are able to give out a clearer and pure sound. The result is that the audio from the two cables are blended well and there is no noticeable loss of sound quality while using the VRAs. The result of this is that the entire experience of listening to music on your Viva Y 33s comes out flawless and gives you a pleasure that is similar to being inside a real recording studio.

– The contemporary virtual answering machine has received a significant boost with the inclusion of a large internal memory which can store various high-resolution music tracks. This can be used to store all your other favorite music files as well as your videos. The entire unit also features an efficient yet speedy Internet connection. The vivo y33s battery has been designed in such a way that it allows for a very long usage time even when the brightness of the screen is turned down.

– The Viva Y 33s also features two different models in terms of the colours that it comes in. The first of which is the “Vivid” colour options which offers users a striking look that is vibrant and cool to the eyes. The second option is the “Mirror Black” model, which features a rich dark tone. Both these models have got an inbuilt mirror which allows users to see the performance status of their phones just by looking at the screen. TheVRI Y 33i models in particular feature a total of six colour options with the “Vivid” coming out as the most popular choice with people.

– The Viva Y 33s features two variants in terms of the RAM of this smartphone. The first one comes with a regular 1GB of RAM and the latter comes with a much higher version of RAM – which is going to be something close to the multitasking capacity of the iPhone. In addition to this, both variants come with a large amount of storage space – which will allow users to download all the music, movies, games and other files that they want from all the leading service providers. The view y33s is yet another powerful device that offers users extremely impressive features at incredibly affordable prices. With such a sleek design and powerful specs, it is not surprising that this smartphone is one of the most sought after mobiles in the market today.

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